When You Feel Like It's Never Going To Happen For You

Jenna Zaffino
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In this class of the Life Moves Series, we use meditation to help us explore the feelings of fear, envy, comparison and worry about something that you desire, but believe it will never happen for you. Our meditation is followed by a movement sequence to expand our vocabulary surrounding the chaos on the outside of us and the ability to come home to center and remember our worth.

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Life Moves classes are designed as explorations to help bridge the gap between being in a state of mind or body that feels stuck and one that feels like movement is possible for your day. In the event that you are experiencing extreme fatigue, malais or lack of motivation, it is always recommended to reach out to a medical professional. Life Moves classes are not a replacement for counseling or psychotherapy. By purchasing this class, you acknowledge the terms and conditions.

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43 minutes
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